He is a character born in 2000 for various needs by Michael Tembadis; Luigi Pirandello spoke of the human being as “one and a hundred thousand”: wanting or unwilling unfortunately we are forced to wear a mask to defend ourselves and survive in this society…

Metaphorically the mask is the shield of Michael Tembadis; is a cheerful person who sees happy, free life… that lives and lets live, remaining alright good and far from negativity… inspired by his travels to different places and cultures that enrich his creativity, making him eclectic… dancing, reciting, sings and plays, in a unique harmony of art and expressiveness.

Of course, not having a great economic and discretionary support, its production remains insidious.

Kiellitos’s production is featured with a cd titled “Kiellitos” (2000); and in the various compilations for the production work of Flames Music productions, including “Hotel Maxim” (2001); “Resort Entertainment” (2008); “Kiellitos Video Clips” (2008) and “Showreel” (2009) by Michael Tembadis.